For 25 years I have been in the business of helping people build successful businesses.  As a graduate from UTD with a Masters in Business Administration and owner of Smith Brown, The Grove and Matt Smith Coaching.  I am a both a practitioner and strategist in the art of business and personal development.  My passion and greatest joy is helping people get real results in both their organizations and their life.  Along with growing my companies and helping people grow theirs.  I am a husband, father, grandfather, friend and follower of Christ.  What I have learned in working with people for over two decades in all kinds of settings is that transformation in your organization and in your life only takes three steps - clarity, certainty and action.  Simple right?  Then why do I need you Matt?  That is a good question.  The truth is, If you want to keep getting what you got, just keep doing what you have been doing.  You don't need me.  If however you want to make a real changes in your company and in yourself.  Give me a call and together we will help your business and life grow beyond anything you could ever imagine.

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